Some facts - or why you should be on this site!

  • the site is Number 1 on for search term McGregor
  • you may link to your own site, and use whatever contact details you require
  • we do not charge for hosting, and have no membership fee
  • our traffic is much higher than any other local site.  Last year we had 36,834 visits from 23,121 people.  That's an average of 101 visits a day!  And we weren't even trying!
  • Mighty IT, being a computer business, are independent of the tourist trade and so have no bias or favouritism - or as little as is possible in a small dorp!

Small adverts

  • there is no charge to create these - and never will be
  • there is no charge to host these - and never will be
  • may include your contact details, but not links to websites
  • should have no more than 60 words and 1 small picture.

Full page adverts

  • there is a small charge to create these.
  • we have decided not to charge for hosting but reserve the right to change this at some future time
  • may include your full contact details
  • may include a link to your own website. In return. we require a reciprocal link from keyword McGregor. We ask that this be reasonably prominent on, for instance, an About McGregor page rather than a general links page. It all helps to keep the traffic flowing and bring visitors to the village! We do not make links to portal sites (ie sites that advertise operators other than yourself) unless the site has a broad catchment area (eg national), is independent of yourself and will allow the reciprocal link.
  • should be no more than 600 words and 5 pictures. Pages with additional words and pictures will carry an extra charge for construction. Copy and images to be in digital form
  • can include an email booking form for a small extra charge. This will help ensure that clients send you full details, and also protect your email from spam. Bookings and enquiries can come directly to you or, if you prefer, go to McGregor Tourism
  • above all, please be clear with your instructions!

Events Calender

The events calendar is a free service, both to advertisers and to users, and any operator who hosts frequent events may post directly to it. If you have occasional or one-off events, you do not need to register: please email the details to Adam at Mighty IT

Due to the prevalence of hacking and spam, we do not allow self-registration: usernames and passwords will be issued direct to you upon request. You may then log-in using the form at the bottom of the MOZ Events calendar page.

To prevent the calendar becoming clogged. an event must be an actual, organized happening: themed parties, film shows and quizzes are events; 10% discount off the cost of a meal or accommodation are not.

Events appear on the calendar as soon as they are posted. As the time approaches, they appear on the front page . Major events, such as the Wacky Wine Weekend and those organised by McGregor Tourism, are always shown on the front page in the top section of the latest events display.


McGregorVillage.Co.Za is a tourism orientated site and, as such, we only carry advertising for bona fide, McGregor tourism operators. These include: 1. providers of accommodation; 2. restaurants and pubs; 3. therapists; 3. artists and craft persons; 4. shops selling provisions or gifts; 5. guides and persons offering advice

For further information or to enquire about an advertisement

Please see our Contact Us page.