Combo Massage with Deirdre Scott-Rogerson

Deidre Scott-Rogerson is a Reiki Master offering treatment and training in Mcgregor Village

Enjoy a unique therapy tailored to your individual needs. Be it a pick-me up, a pamper, hypnotherapy for stress relief, organic facial, detoxing salt scrub or a well deserved deep tissue massage for overworked muscles.

Deirdre uses the Just Pure range of chemical free Organic facial products, cold pressed and aromatherapy oils to give a treatment that is totally centered on you and your requirements. Treatments listed can be changed, added together or altered to suit you.

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The treatment has proved particularly successful in aiding recovery from injury and illness as well as in relieving stress.

Massage has been proven to :

  • Encourage the release of natural endorphins
  • Assist healing especially with sports injuries
  • Release tension and stress
  • Promote a feeling of well being
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Release build up of lactic acid in tired muscles


Treatments take place at 88 Long St just across the road from Caritas (Temenos Library) in a specially prepared therapy room where you can listen to the sound of the birds singing in the trees by the window & the noise of running lei water.

Full body massage A relaxing massage that invigorates the skin, increases your circulation and promotes lymph drainage, this massage includes a gentle foot massage and concludes with a facial and scalp massage . approx 1 hour R300 approx 1½ hours R400

Sports/Deep tissue massage A very firm massage most suitable for sportsmen and women requiring deep tissue tension release. This massage is concentrated on ‘most needed’ areas e.g. legs and lower back, in an hour’s treatment this may not necessarily be a ‘full body’ massage. approx 1 hour R300 approx 1½ hours R400

Vibrational Toning Massage A heavy duty vibrating hammer massager is used to deeply release muscle tension and the dreaded cellulite, finishing with a massage using special aromatherapy toning oil. approx 1½ hours R400

Exfoliating Massage Your body is exfoliated with natural bristle brushes to invigorate the skin and gently remove dead cells, finishing with a massage to leave your skin smooth and tingling with health and vitality. approx 1½hour R400

Shoulders, facial and scalp massage Feel relaxed and revitalized after a gentle shoulder and upper back massage combined with a deeply relaxing facial and scalp massage. approx 40mins R200

Hands, Feet, Face and Scalp Massage (for those not wishing to disrobe) Enjoy a soothing hand massage whilst your feet are soaked in a spa bath followed by a relaxing foot massage and finishing with a facial and scalp massage. Very deeply relaxing. approx 1 hour R300

Crystal Stone Massage An unusual and uniquely different form of massage using large crystal stones of your choice. These stones are gently or firmly rubbed over your body enlivening or soothing as required. The feeling of the silky smooth crystals on your skin and the healing qualities of the stones themselves makes for a truly different massage experience. approx 1 hour R300

Muscle Activation A system of releasing, strengthening and activating your muscles to improve performance and to release pain and tension. Each of your main muscle blocks is tested, released via a series of pressure / trigger points and then retested so that you can see the improvement. Feel taller, stronger and more in control of your body. approx 1 hour R300

Reiki Treatment Reiki is a form of Japanese healing that is both powerful and gentle. It has been proven to reduce or eliminate pain, shorten healing time and reduce stress. Reiki is a non invasive therapy that involves a gentle laying on of hands. approx 1 hour R 300

Exfoliating / Detox Organic Salt Scrub A truly unique and magnificent experience. Your body is massaged with an organic salt scrub. Your face cleansed, exfoliated and an organic masque applied, rooibos tea soaked pads are applied to your eyes to gently soothe them. After a relaxing warm shower to rid yourself of salt and masque, your super soft new skin is sealed in and moisturized with a broad stroke massage of either cold pressed apricot kernel oil, arnica and aromatherapy oils or organic body balm. This treatment will leave your skin silky smooth and looking years younger. It is superb for releasing deep tension and stress and for detoxing your system. approx 2 hours R450

Nourishing Mud Wrap Treat yourself to an indulgent full body mud wrap to detox your system and nourish your skin. After application of the warm mud, herb and salt mixture relax and listen to soothing music whilst wrapped in a cocoon of blankets. After showering enjoy a moisturizing massage to leave you feeling renewed and revitalized. approx 2 hours R500

Organic Facial Using the Just Pure range of chemical free Organic facial products your face is gently and aromatically cleansed and exfoliated, a suitable masque for your skin type is applied and your hands and feet are gently massaged whilst the masque does its work. Then your face is toned, lip and eye balm are applied and you are given a facial massage with rich moisturising balm and finally a relaxing scalp massage. approx 1 hour R300

Mini Organic Facial Using the Just Pure range of Organic facial products your face is gently and aromatically cleansed, exfoliated and toned, lip and eye balm are applied and you are given a facial massage with a rich moisturising balm, then we finish with a relaxing scalp massage. approx ½ hour R200 Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy for pain and stress relief, past life regression and general relaxation. Please phone to discuss first. approx 1 hour R300

Couples/Friends treatments together in the same room, please add R30pp to the above prices

Reiki Attunements

Reiki I and II attunements are done during a day of information and practice. All notes and full certification are provided. Final certificate is issued after ten practice sessions have been completed. One day R2000

Reiki Advanced and Reiki Master attunements are available to people who have already completed Reiki I and II and can be done in a day of information and practice. All notes and full certification are provided. Final certificate is issued after ten practice sessions have been completed. One day R2000

Munay-Ki Shamanic Attunements

Some preparation for these rites is required, so please contact me beforehand. Earth Rites - These Rites deal with inner healing, protection and connecting with your lineage of healers past present and future , consisting of Healer Rite, Bands of Power Rite and Daykeeper Rite. I normally ask students to take time to allow these Rites to integrate, up to a month is normal. approx 1 - 2rhs R500

Water and Air Rites - these Rites are about clearing your chakra’s connecting with your intuition/Universal wisdom, and opening the energy connections between your heart, your hands and your third eye, consisting of Harmony Rite, Seer Rite and Wisdom keeper Rite. These Rites are only available after the Earth Rites have been given. After these Rites, you will need to commit to doing a short daily meditation focusing on clearing each of the chakra’s in turn and growing the archetypal energy of these chakra’s. Normally you would spend two weeks on each archetype/chakra, so the integration of these rites takes a minimum of 14 weeks. I will provide you with notes and help through this time. approx 1 - 2rhs R500

Fire Rites - these Rites are about anchoring you to the time after what the Incan’s called ’the change’ , so that you energetically and physically move with whatever happens. It is also about opening up your consciousness to the God-light within you, making you feel an integrated part of creations plan, and much more, consisting of Earthkeeper Rite, Starkeeper Rite and Creator Rite. These Rites are only available after the Earth , Water and Air Rites have been given. approx 1 - 2rhs R500

Munay-Ki Teacher Training (after completion of all nine rites) This can be done in one day and includes all notes and international certification, which is given after completion of five case studies. One day R800