Pieter offers treatments in Iridology (diagnoses from the iris of the eye) and Energetic Herbalism (maintaining balance and health through foods, herbs and lifestyle). His company, Energetic Herbals, manufactures and supplies herbal remedies.

A typical, first-time consultation with Pieter is one-and-a-half, to two hours in length and is charged at a rate of R350 per hour.


Iridology is a system whereby one studies the iris of the eye (and usually also the sclera) under magnification, taking note of any markings – their shape, depth and colour. The position and the nature of each marking indicates which organ, or system, is affected, how it is affected and to what extent.
At a few glances it is possible to reveal what the body’s strengths are, as also to detect genetic and/or acquired weaknesses, such as:
The onset of cyst or tumour formation, accumulation of toxins, tissue damage, the levels of nerve and blood supply, muscular tension, nutrient deficiencies, mucous or lymph elimination, parasite infestation - and so much more.
Fascinating, also, is what the irises of your eyes have to say about your mental and emotional history and tendencies…


A common-sense thread of logic weaves together the powerful healing modalities of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Greek Medicine, Unani-Tibb and Energetic Western Herbalism. Come to understand your body and its needs in terms of this logical, yet simple language. Find out what your temperament is and how this is balanced or worsened by the food, drink and supplements that you consume. Get to know the fine art of regaining and maintaining balance and health through foods, herbs and lifestyle.

About Pieter van der Westhuizen

Pieter Van Der Westhuyzen has lived in McGregor, Western Cape, for the past 8 years, where, together with his partner Susan, he helps to raise and home-school a family of four young children. He conducts a natural health practice from home and runs a company that manufactures and supplies herbal remedies, namely “Energetic Herbals” - which has the distinction of offering enhanced absorption and deliberate remedy “direction”, through the right use of Herbal Assistants and Conductors. Pieter has over 19 years of association with Iridology, Herbalism, Nutrition and Naturopathy – starting, initially, with two courses run by Farida Sharan of the British School of Iridology, in 1987, whilst he was busy with a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Natal, Durban.

His area of special interest in Iridology is the way in which iris markings reveal the mental and emotional patterns of people. As a herbalist his ongoing fascination is with the application of the principles of “Energetics” - to Western herbs. Energetics being the poetic and practical system of natural healing that underpins Ayurveda, Unani-Tibb and the Traditional Medicines of China, Ancient Greece, Tibet. He also has a keen knowledge of our indigenous, Western Cape herbs.

After completing studies in Chemical Engineering, Pieter worked awhile in industry, as a process engineer, firstly for the aluminium-processing giant, Alusaf, in Richards Bay, KZN and then for Vandenbergh’s (Unilever) Edible Oils Refinery, Durban, overseeing the manufacture of margarine and cooking fats/oils. After leaving industry, Pieter lectured in Chemical Engineering at Mangosuthu Technikon and later in Food Technology and Physics at the Natal Institute of Technology, Durban. This was accompanied, all the while, by his ongoing passion for natural healing methods, leading to intensive, self-motivated research into Iridology, Naturopathy and Herbalism, both here and abroad – particularly in the USA and Europe.

He left Chemical Engineering, altogether, just over thirteen years ago, after six years of studying and applying natural healing methods on a part-time basis, to enter a full-time practice in the field of natural healing.

A typical, first-time consultation with Pieter is one-and-a-half, to two hours in length and is charged at a rate of R350 per hour.

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